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27 Year Distributor of

Stainless Aircraft Fasteners


D&D Aircraft Supply location
D&D; Aircraft Supply is located an hour north of Boston

D&D; Aircraft Supply is a 27-year-old company, located in Hampton, NH, USA, that specializes in stainless fasteners for the light single and light twin-engine aircraft market.

We stock most popular type fasteners in cadmium-plated and stainless steel. Most fasteners are manufactured in the USA to the AN-MS or NAS Mil Spec.

Each fastener is Certified to us from the manufacturer and we in turn Certify the fastener to you. Certifications are kept on file.

Our "Camloc" 1/4 turn fasteners are original Camlocs. "Southco" 1/4 turn fasteners are original Southco's. "Dzus" 1/4 turn fasteners are original Dzus. We do not put any of these fasteners into a "kit" as they are never right even though the amounts and part numbers are taken directly from the parts manual. We have stock, mostly stainless, and would like to work with you on the amounts and sizes you have in your cowl.

We ship worldwide. Please let us know what preference you have - UPS, Fedex etc. But don't forget, shipping overseas via boat could take a month or two.

Surprise!!!...when you telephone D&D; you will only get a Human Voice!! We detest these electronic machines that run you all around the barn, ask you if you "have a touch-tone phone" or "if you know your party's extension number" and say "your call is very important to us so please hold." Rubbish!! We care, so we have a human answer.

If you need to see a catalog before ordering for the first time, please use our online catalog.

We take Visa, Mastercard or Discover as payment. If you use one of those cards we can usually ship the order out the same day, providing you give us your order by about 3:00 in the afternoon.

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